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lumen prize
lumen prize

About Lumen Prize all the questions answer you will get here.

I want to know about the Lumen Prize call for entries dates of 2019.

Lumen Prize Call for Entries will open on February 15, 2019 and will close on May 3, 2019.


Am I eligible to enter for lumen prize?

If you are an artist then you can enter and no restriction for your residence.


I want to know about the cost of Lumen Prize show.

It will cost USD 48 if you have two works and for each additonal work you have to pay USD 24. It is a not for profit organisation and it doesn’t get any outside funding. All the money we gets from entries directly goes towards the prizes and also to our global events. If the Photomonitor students awards want to enter they need no money.


What will I win?

We hope to spend USD 11,000 this year for prize. We will give the awards on still, moving image, 3D or interactive, XR, Artificial Intelligence and the Photomonitor student award. Who will go to final will be considered eligible for people’s choice award. They will also be considered for lumen gold award and the women finalists will be eligible for Rapoport award for women in art and technology. So we have lots of awards this time.


Is my art eligible for lumen prize?

If your art has any type of engagement with technology then it might be eligible for lumen prize. If you want to be sure about this matter you can contact with lumen prize through their email.


We are a group of artist, can we participate collectively?

Off course you can. In this case you have to register with your other group members. If you want to participate single your registration will be done single.


Should I select a category of art to participate?

Yes you can. About the group you can give a mail to lumen prize.


I am interested to know about the equipment to use.

You can use any equipment, there is no limitation. You can provide us a video documentation if your work is site-specific.


How will I be sure that I am selected?

Well, lumen prize will give you a mail if you are selected for the long list.


How lumen will judge the work?

For lumen prize we have an International selectors committee to review your work. This committee consist of art and technology specialists, writers, academisc from around the world and some of they are the top curators. They will select the longlist for lumen prize winners.


Who will judge the top prizes?

In lumen prize we have the jury panel to select the finalist and top winners. The final list will be published online in September 2019, and the final winners will be announced in London in October, 2019. It will be done in lumen aswards ceremony.


Will the winner get any other facilities?

Lumen has lots of active events schedule of exhibitions and seminars. They can partner with festivals and global venues. Finalist and longlist artist and winners from current and past years can exhibit their artwork there. When you will qualify and will become a member that will be like you will be a lumen family member and can participate all this event and can use all these venues. We publish about them in different social sites.