Lumen prize digital art awards for artists – 29

lumen prize
lumen prize
lumen prize

Lumen prize: best digital art award rules -29

Lumen is following the following rules to arrange its art competition. These rules are like the following.

2.5 art competition of lumen Entrants could at any time advise the Organizer at its mail address. If they need to get rid of their work(s) from the competition when submission and, if they’re chosen, before the web publication of The Lumen Longlist in August.

Please note that when a piece has been submitted for lumen vr, the doorway fee can’t be refunded, even wherever the work is afterward removed (whether by the Organizer or the entrant).

Lumen digital art prize for 2019

2.6 Once chosen for the Lumen long list, the participant artists are eligible for a spread of opportunities. These embrace the chance of being chosen for Lumen Art comes exhibitions, commissions and events going forward. Longlisted artists, finalists and winners also will be promoted across Lumen’s Social Media channels and they will also be featured within the Lumen On-line Gallery.

The secondary rules for the art prize participants

The lumen art prize 2019 for art gallery is able to open for a vote for the People’s selection Award in August.

The rules for the entrance in the show is important for the artists.  The entrant(s) warrants and represents as follows: 3.1 The entrant(s) is / are the only real owner, creator and author of every entry. 3.2 The entrant(s) has / have the proper and full authority to form the entry accessible to The Lumen Prize.

3.3 Every entry doesn’t contain any infringing, threatening, false, misleading, and negative for the digital art competition, abusive, harassing, defamatory, sexy, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, suitable for best art competition for digital art, or profane content.

The lumen prize subsidiary art rules 2019

3.4 For every entry of art exhibition in London doesn’t contain any material that would represent or encourage conduct which might be thought-about a criminal offense, produce to civil liability, or otherwise offend against the other law.

3.5 Lumen international every entry doesn’t infringe the copyrights (and connected rights), trademarks, style rights, or the other material possession rights of any person or entity, or violate any person’s rights of privacy or breach the contract rights of any third party.

Lumen digital art work prohibited rules for artists

3.6 The lumen art prize 2019 entry shouldn’t include: • logos closely-held by third parties. • copyright materials closely-held by third parties. • names, likenesses, voices or alternative characteristics characteristic celebrities or alternative public figures, living or dead. • material that the entrant has purchased or secured the rights to use stock pictures. • material that contain any business content that promotes any product or service unless the acceptable written consents from the relevant rights house owners are for.

The final words for lumen art prize rules

1 By getting into the lumen international art competition 2019, entrants don’t transfer or surrender the copyright.  Or alternative material possession rights in their work however if chosen for the longlist or named a competitor or winner. The artists could also be asked to grant royalty-free worldwide rights to the Organizer, to breed, distribute, show reproductions, whether or not in whole or half, in any media currently or hereafter renowned, including, however not restricted to: show at exhibitions; on the website of lumen prize.

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