Lumen art prize: best digital art prize rules -28

lumen prize
lumen prize
lumen prize

Lumen prize digital prize giving rules

1.9 Candidates longlisted for digital art work of the Lumen Prize are going to be asked to produce pictures or videos in high resolution for Lumen Prize packaging. They will also make artwork for social media and events. You may be notified before your work is employed and credit are going to be given all told cases.

1.10 The Organizer doesn’t account or have any liability for their art pieces any participants’ bank fees and charges which will be levied in currency that is a conversion and currency dealings by the collaborating bank or establishment. Lumen Prizes are paid in U.S. dollar via PayPal or bank transfer.

Lumen prize – main rules

1.11 The payment for the artists work of the entry fee ought to be created via PayPal. The entry fee should be paid before uploading design. If you’d favor to pay by bank transfer, please contact with their e-mail address.

1.12 Lumen prize entries are going to be open from fifteen Gregorian calendar month, 2019 and can shut on three could, 2019. It is normally not expanded for the art work and you have to submit the art before the date.

1.13 need Entries could also be extended at the discretion of the Organizer. They can select the art work from the two. Lumen’s International Selectors Committee (“ISC”) of gallery house owners, curators, artists and teachers can select works for the 2019 Lumen Prize Longlist. It will be able to be featured within the Lumen Prize on-line gallery.

Lumen prize – sub rules

For the total list of the ISC panelists, please contact with their mail address. The Longlist is going to be declared in August on a date to be chosen by the Organizer. Please check the web site for additional details. 2.2 A public vote of these chosen for the Longlist are going to be launched and promoted by the Organizer because the People’s selection Award in August two.

For lumen prize competition any cases of spam or computer-generated choice detected can forthwith disqualify the entry deemed to be profiting from this activity. The work receiving the foremost votes from the general public can win. within the unlikely event of a draw, the Lumen Jury Panel can choose the winner.

Lumen prize – secondary rules

2.3 The Lumen Jury Panel of eminent art consultants can choose the finalists and also the high money prize winners. The Lumen prize winners are going to be declared on twenty fourth Gregorian calendar month at an Awards Ceremony in London. Please check the Lumen Prize web site for additional details.

2.4 The notification to victorious entrants are going to be created one by one by the Organizer via the e-mail address specified on the Registration type. Artists whose works haven’t qualified for the Longlist won’t be one by one notified. If your work has not been enclosed within the Longlist, we have a tendency to regret that we have a tendency to don’t have the resources to produce feedback.

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