Lumen Prize for contemporary digital arts -23

lumen prize
lumen prize
lumen prize

Lumen prize for digital art competition

Lumen prize called for the entry of its digital art competition. Some artists all over the world experiment with digital media acknowledge and even regret the restrictions of what they are doing. A stylus and a nice laptop do not feel quite constant within the hand as a hammer and a chisel. Or perhaps a true brush.

This raises the question “is digital art less pleasurable to form than “traditional” art? Or, simply, is it a lot of frustrating? “Different, yes. Less pleasurable. I like the texture of chalk or charcoal in my hand to make pictures and artwork. However, the approach within which a digital brush gently slides across a pill is extraordinarily pleasant”, counters Jeremy Sutton a lumen artist.

Lumen London contemporary art prize

This painter of Lumen prize contestant has created California his home. The religious son of artists like David Hockney and Henri Matisse – appreciates the ever-growing potential afforded by new technologies, like air painting. “I’ve tried painting exploitation leap motion – a motion recognition system. All you have got to try to is move your hand through the air and you’ll be able to see its movements transcribed onto a screen.

It is so far more than simply a contrivance. It is a real technique which is able to utterly amendment the approach within which we tend to produce art within the future”, he enthuses. The artist could innovate be some way to catch up on the frustration created by computer art. Immersive technologies for digital art (panoramic 3D displays, force feedback, artificial smells, etc.) ought to bit by bit bridge the gap between ancient and digital.

Digital art Lumen art

“But we tend to shouldn’t forget that it’s simply a tool of painting. Lets not forget that the applier of art at one purpose in history was technology. What’s vital isn’t such a lot the interfaces used, however the link between the creator and their creation”, points out Murray statesman. Lumen art appreciates yet the approach within which new technologies – like the 3D printer – are revolutionizing art.

Lumen is changing into reality and that we will currently produce models of grade of complexness and aestheticism. This artwork is on a par therewith of ancient works of art work. Above all, digital sculptors are delighted that these technological advances are raising the profile of their work and creating it a lot of accessible.

Art competition London is even serving to it to interrupt freed from the compass of what’s thought-about strictly art. Their work is already getting used in jewellery-making, the food business, design and even medication. And this can be simply the start.

Lumen Digital sharing art in London

Art has become a lot of accessible currently than ever before due to the opportunities afforded by digital technologies. It also is a new ways that to share it. Nowadays, anybody will share their own art or ponder that of others on an internet site. Art also can be shared by journal or via social networks. this can be some way of sharing that’s utterly totally different from ancient channels. That typically need some kind of cultural mediator or dedicated framework.

Lumen prize owner Jeremy Sutton is significantly appreciates “being able to share the inventive method and also the varied stages concerned in it. It is having the ability to document of art to make them as I work. This art work is an academic approach and is thought-about exploitation physical media. However that’s far more sophisticated to place into practice of Lumen artwork. However the flipside to art being therefore accessible is that it is embezzled or reworked of Lumen Prize.

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