Lumen prize 7

lumen prize
lumen prize
lumen prize

Lumen prize : a very brief history for Digital Art and Technology 3

Lumen prize is wanting to forge what he delineated as an efficient collaboration between engineers and artists, technologist Billy Klüver supported Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT) in 1966 at Bell Labs, wherever he worked. Klüver developed joint comes with artists like Andy Warhol, Henry M. Robert Rauschenberg, Jean Tinguely, John Cage, and Johns that were 1st seen in performances in ny and ultimately at the Pepsi-Cola tent at the globe assemblage ’70 in city, Japan. EAT was Associate in Nursing early instance of the advanced collaboration between artists, engineers, programmers, researchers, and scientists that might become an indicator of digital art. different artists WHO created groundbreaking art underneath the auspices of Bell Labs at the time enclosed Kenneth C. Knowlton, A. archangel Noll, scoop Mathews, and Lillian Schwartz.

The Nineteen Sixties conjointly saw necessary exhibitions targeted on art’s relationship to rising technologies. A series of 5 international exhibitions organized in Zagreb between 1961 and 1973, underneath the term Nove tendencije (New Tendencies) were accustomed advance new ideas of art for the postwar era. They enclosed the program “Computer and Visual Research” as a part of the fourth exhibition, Tendencije four (1968–69), that highlighted the pc as a medium for creation. the primary 2 exhibitions of laptop art were control in 1965: Generative Computergrafik, showing work by Georg Nees, at the Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart, Germany, in Feb, followed in Gregorian calendar month by Computer-Generated photos, that includes work by Bela Julesz and A. archangel Noll, at the Howard Wise Gallery in ny.

Digital art though their works resembled abstract drawings and looked as if it would replicate aesthetic forms that were terribly acquainted from ancient media, these artists captured essential aesthetics of the digital medium in outlining the essential mathematical functions that drive any method of “digital drawing.” In 1968, the exhibition IP good luck at the Institute of latest Arts in London given works—ranging from plotter graphics to light-and-sound environments and sensing “robots”—that nowadays could appear awkward and to a fault technical however that still anticipated several of the necessary characteristics of the digital medium.

Some works targeted on the aesthetics of machines and transformation, like painting machines and pattern or poetry generators. Others were dynamic and process-oriented, exploring potentialities of interaction and “open” systems. In 1970, yankee historiographer and critic Jack designer organized the exhibition software package – info Technology: Its New that means for Art at the human deposit in ny. additionally to that includes the work of artists like Agnes Denes, Joseph Kosuth, Nam Gregorian calendar month Paik, and Lawrence Weiner—all of whom square measure enclosed in Programmed—the show conjointly exhibited the model of Theodor Nelson’s object-oriented database management system, Xanadu.

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