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lumen prize
lumen prize
lumen prize

Lumen Prize – why will you participate in the award?

It’s a legitimate question. After all, competitions area unit nice for those long-listed, shortlisted or who grab a prize and fewer fun for the remainder. Still, there area unit some solid reasons to require the danger. First, each penny of Lumen’s entry fees goes toward the award, the awards program and running the competition itself. As associate freelance, not-for-profit, we will guarantee that. To know you can visit the lumen home page.

And if you are doing get through, treats can happen. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns however it will mean larger visibility for your follow, opportunities for commissions and a lot of probabilities to indicate your to figure. however don’t take our word for it. Please notice the views of some past winners and finalists below.

Here’s Andy Lomas, who won the Gold Award in 2014:

Winning the Lumen Prize in 2014 had a giant result on my design follow. It’s the award that keeps on giving: from the events and exhibitions unionized by the Lumen Prize along side connected organisations. i feel that instead of proscribing what PC art is with create mentally definitions, the Lumen Prize celebrates the variety of prospects that computers modify artists to explore.

The prize was a very important enabler, permitting Pine Tree State to require my art follow to a better level, and permitting Pine Tree State to relinquish a far larger target my work. within the few years since i used to be lucky enough to win the prize, my art follow has very commenced, from work exhibited at the Pompidou Centre, the V&A and therefore the honorary society, to figure within the permanent collections together with the V&A and therefore the Arts Society. I conjointly currently have the pleasure of operating as an instructor in inventive Computing at Goldsmiths University, and I’m on the brink of head to Australia to pay time at the SensiLab, Monash University, and their work on the employment of computers as an explicit medium.

And this from Rachel Ara, a challenger in 2016:

The world of technology (and technology and art) is incredibly biased towards men. What was thus refreshing regarding operating with the Lumen Prize, when being concerned within the school business for many years, is that they didn’t treat you otherwise attributable to your gender. Generally, i feel women’s work victimization technology is totally {different|completely different} to men’s – we’re responding to different problems and issues – and Lumen embraced this distinction that several organisations don’t. This gave Pine Tree State confidence in my follow and dealing with them has junction rectifier on to Pine Tree State exhibiting in larger venues just like the tower, Whitechapel and V&A last year. In 2019 I’ll be showing within the National repository of recent and up to date Art in national capital, the Austrian capital period and doing my 1st public sculpture commission in London. Lumen wiki has shown it well.

And finally this, from Genetic Moo, who picked up their Lumen in 2013:

The 2013 Founder’s Prize came at a very important moment for North American nation. we have a tendency to had simply run our 1st Microworld, a digital system project wherever the stress is on experimentation, collaboration and making wealthy user engagement. To be awarded a prize in recognition of our “outreach and interaction with audiences” gave North American nation a terrific confidence boost and inspired North American nation to continue developing our project and exploring ways in which to involve the general public. Our large-scale experimental installations currently have additional inventive writing workshops into the combo.

Through Lumen, we have a tendency to got our 1st gallery-based exhibition abroad; in port, and our longest show; seven months at Eureka! The National Children’s repository, Halifax. Since winning, we’ve been commissioned to figure on variety of bold events, area unit presently digital artists in residence at imaginary place, grunt and area unit continued to figure with Lumen on new and exciting comes.

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